In Memoriam

The pandemic has hit Black communities disproportionately hard. As we approach its 2 year anniversary, we* want to honor the lives that were lost in the last two years with the In Memoriam Project. It is a video project that aims to remind us that the lives lost are more than statistics and graph points. If you’ve lost someone during the pandemic and want to share a piece of their memory, you can send us a picture and a message by filling out this form.
*We are a collective of health professionals, community organisations and researchers working to promote COVID-19 awareness in Black communities. \

BOF Grants Program for Health and Education

We’ve launched our Grant Program for Education and Health with the help of @TDbank ’s generous funding.  This grant program was developed to help fund Black-led, Black-serving and Black-focused not-for-profits and charities, who are leading impactful initiatives in the key areas of health and education. We are accepting applications for this grant until March 31st.

BOF Partners with BMO to launch Business Within Reach

BMO Launches Business Within Reach: BMO for Black Entrepreneurs and Commits $100 million in loans to Help Black-led Businesses Start up, Scale up, and Grow.

To support the new program for Black Entrepreneurs, BMO has partnered with the Black Opportunity Fund (BOF) – a community-led organization committed to removing financial barriers for Black-led businesses. The partnership will provide wrap-around educational programming to Black business owners in key areas such as business planning, financial management, sales, marketing, and budgeting.

UBC scholarship program supports Black Canadian students at UBC

As we celebrate and recognize the achievements of so many Black Canadians this month, we are proud of the hard work and dedication currently underway at UBC by a group of ambitious Black students in the Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program.  This scholarship is supported by donors and partners, including Black Opportunity Fund, which set up two awards for Black students to attend UBC. Academic benefits include access to opportunities for collaboration, leadership, and the exchange of ideas, both within the program and as students transition into life post-university.

Richardson Wealth donates to Black Opportunity Fund

Thank you Richardson Wealth for your donation to Black Opportunity Fund. We are thrilled to welcome you as one of our corporate partners in our mission to create more entrepreneurial success within Canada’s Black communities.

Great news for Canada’s Black entrepreneur community.

In collaboration with Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce, BOF launches the Black Entrepreneur Program! This program provides a unique wrap around support, including non-repayable funds for Black Entrepreneurs who have been unable to access traditional funding. A huge thanks to CIBC & CIBC Foundation for kickstarting this program with a generous donation!