Who We Fund
Black Opportunity Fund

The Black Opportunity Fund supports Black non-profit and for-profit endeavours by issuing philanthropic grants to scale up Black non-profits and produces capacity-building investments to scale up Black businesses.

Grants Program Recipients!

Grants for Education and Health focused Initiatives
Black Opportunity Fund (BOF) aims to help dismantle the impacts of systemic anti-Black racism by allocating resources to community organizations which undertake initiatives that impact the quality of life in Canada’s Black communities.

In 2022, we are launching our first granting cycle through a generous funding commitment from TD Bank.

The focus areas for the 2022 BOF Grants Program will be Black-led, Black-serving and Black focused not-for-profits and charities leading impactful initiatives in the areas of Education and Health, which are two of BOF’s key priority areas.

Congratulations to our program recipients!


Project Title: Completion of Meech's Pint Size APP to develop a Blood Donation Culture in Alberta's Black Community

Project Description: To complete the blood donation culture research project.


British Columbia

Project Title: Atlanthos Box Project

Project Description: Creation of a STEM curriculum to use at Ethos Lab that can be replicated to be used in schools and other educational settings, as well as design and delivery of STEM virtual workshops.



Project Title: Restorative Change for Racialized BIPOC Youth Vulnerable to Incarceration

Project Description: Training community advocates in case management to serve as connectors for people seeking to break the cycle of being in the crimminal justice system, creating the connections and relationships with police, Crowns and all diversion programs.


Nova Scotia

Project Title: CONNECTING THE DOTS "the Big Picture"

Project Description: Chrome books for digitial access and learning to black community members, mentorship programs, education resources and all culturally focused programs.

Project Title: Graduate to Employment Pathway

Project Description: Culturally relevelant skills coaching and mentorship to recent graduate Black women to support them on their transition to full-time employment in their field.



Project Title: ACCPI'S Strides to Success Support Program

Project Description: Culturally sensitive approach to career preparation, financial literacy and wellness support to Black High School students.

Project Title: This Way Up

Project Description: Increasing exposure and awareness on STEM career pathways for Black children and Youth through a combination of facilitated and self-led experiences, hands-on learning and mentorship.

Project Title: Experiences of anti-Black racism in the Canadian healthcare system

Project Description: A research project on the experiences of Black people in Canada’s healthcare system, and strategies of resistance and wellness, to address experiences of anti-Black racism.

Project Title: FBC x Black Can: Civic Engagement Campaign

Project Description: Advocacy in Black communities on elections, elections process, important dates, how and why to get involved.

Project Title: Period.

Project Description: Creating public awareness of period poverty, menstrual equity, the health effects of inorganic menstrual products.

Project Title: Here For You

Project Description: A Peer-to-Peer support program for people newly diagnosed, living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS.

Project Title: Culinary Training Program for Black High School Youth

Project Description: Culinary Training for Black Youth to allow them to gain employment in the fast-food industry.

Project Title: Wellness Connect

Project Description: Provide a safe space and mental health support and resouces for Black youth and artists to learn and talk about mental health/wellness.

Project Title: Nobellum Innovator Program

Project Description: Skills Building Series incubation program to provide training, mentorship and skills development for Black youth, students and entrepreneurs.

Project Title: The T.E.A.M Project [Teach. Empower. Affirm. Mentor]

Project Description: Provide a culturally competent coaching program for vulnerable racialized youth who are in need of learning, enhancing, or supporting life skills to effectively transition into adulthood.

Project Title: Mentorship Program for the Black college and university students and recent graduates in the Onyx Initiative Scholars Program.

Project Description: Mentorship program to provide participants with greater access to job opportunities and a nurturing environment that will enable them to thrive.

Project Title: Omo Africentric Virtual Campus

Project Description: A virtual Campus that will give students access to virtual drop-in free tutoring, educational tools, and other culturally relevant resources through an Africentric lens.

Project Title: REST Black Youth Matter Support Line

Project Description: Culturally sensitive counseling, mentoring, coaching and referrals services to eliminate black youth homelessness.

Project Title: Success Beyond Limits Summer Program

Project Description: Summer Program for Black youth in Life Skills, Literacy and Numeracy.

Project Title: Expanding the 'Tiny Tales' Illustrated Books Collection

Project Description: The project will increase its collection of illustrated reading books offered to Black parents free, as they teach their children to read and help them develop the foundational reading skills.

Project Title: INSPIRE HIRE

Project Description: Black Youth outreach in aviation industry awareness.



Project Title: Ressources à proximité

Project Description: Supporting Black youth with appropriate and accessible educational resources that allow them to succeed academically, regardless of the environment in which they live.

Project Title: Youth Financial Empowerment Project

Project Description: Youth Financial Literacy.

Project Title: Black Education Excellence Enrichment Program

Project Description: Culturally adapted activities for Black children such as Summer camps, high school entrance exam preparation, and supporting parents through their children's transition to high school.

2021 CILAR Black-led Business
Grants Program Recipients!

CILAR Black-led Business Grants Program
In partnership with CILAR and Pitch Better, Black Opportunity Fund is providing cash grants, funded by Facebook Canada, in response to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on Canada’s Black-led business community. At Black Opportunity Fund, we recognize the importance of responding to urgent community needs, while taking a long-term approach to building pathways to greater business sustainability.

Congratulations to our program recipients!