Bio Dunia Nur

Dunia Nur is of African descent residing in Edmonton, Alberta. Dunia has a dual degree in social work and a Bachelor of Child and Youth Care and Executive Education Certificate in business and executive leadership.

Dunia Nur is currently the President of the African Canadian Civic Engagement Council, a national public affairs organization. The African Canadian Civic Engagement Council’s mandate is to protect and promote people of African descent’s dignity and human rights while celebrating our people’s significant contributions to our society and worldwide.
Dunia has (15+) in creating mutual aid initiatives that build communities and create an inclusive society. Dunia is an avid community builder, researcher, and global thinker. Dunia’s passion and expertise are to create thriving communities where everyone has equal opportunity to feel safe in contributing socially, culturally, and economically. Dunia’s areas of expertise include health promotion, gender equality, civic engagement, criminal justice, mental health, child migrants, and pre-migration trauma.