TD’s Historic Partnership with Black Opportunity Fund

In 2021 as part of its broader efforts to dismantle barriers to equity, TD made a historic commitment to Black Opportunity Fund (BOF). TD invested $10 million dollars to catalyze BOFs vision of a society where longstanding barriers to opportunity for Black Canadians have been removed.

This commitment by TD is the largest donation by any Canadian corporation to a Black-led community organization.

But it’s not just about the money…

TD entrusted the Black Opportunity Fund with the power to decide how and where those funds would be deployed, to improve socio-economic outcomes for Black communities across Canada.

TD invested in the infrastructure of BOF, including staffing, to ensure it had a solid platform to carry out its mandate.

But there’s more…

TD has provided office space, expertise and seconded staff to Black Opportunity Fund.

And it’s a two way street. TD has relied on and welcomed the guidance and input of BOF as it continues to strive in its ongoing efforts to embed equity and to dismantle systemic racism through its own banking practices and throughout its organization. TD staff who take on secondment assignments with BOF, return to the organization with important new knowledge and perspectives which benefit TD as a whole.

Through the partnership with TD, BOF has achieved significant impact in improving socio-economic outcomes for Black Canadians, including…

Launching an inclusive micro-lending program for Black businesses who have been declined lending by Canadian banks.

Providing millions of dollars in grants and capacity building support to Black entrepreneurs as well as Black led, Black serving  community organizations.

Hosting important national convenings in key BOF mandate areas including  Health, Education & Youth, Justice, Arts & Culture, and Entrepreneurship.

Acting as a catalyst for important advocacy on issues impacting the health well being and prosperity of Black Canadians.

And so much more.

Thank you TD.

We look forward to continuing to grow and nurture this important and historic partnership.