Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Generations: The Historic Lincoln Alexander Bust Project

In Canada’s rich history, the Honourable Lincoln ‘Linc’ MacCauley Alexander stands tall as a pioneer, his legacy now made permanent at Queen’s Park. Today, January 21st, marks not only a tribute but a celebration of the ongoing preservation of his indomitable spirit. Through our commitments to preserve his legacy, we are ensuring that his contributions will continue to inspire future generations to come.

In this historic moment, the Black Opportunity Fund extends heartfelt gratitude to all who bore witness and supported this project. Your commitment has made this living legacy possible, and we are honoured to share in this historic event.

This bust is more than a sculpture, it is a testament to the power of representation and the acknowledgment of diverse voices within the fabric of Canada’s history. Embracing Lincoln Alexander’s legacy, we recognize that his impact transcends history books and still exists in our present day. We celebrate and uplift Linc as he did for Black communities across the country.

As we head towards another exciting month celebrating Black history and Black futures, let us renew our commitment to fostering an environment where diversity flourishes, allowing the dreams of every Canadian, past, present, and future, to soar.