BOF & BCFC Grant and B3 Capacity Building Program

The Black Opportunity Fund (BOF) and Black Canadian Fundraisers Collective (BCFC) are seeking volunteer Adjudicators to review and adjudicate applications for their upcoming granting and capacity building program for Black-led, Black-serving, Black-focused nonprofits, and charities (B3s). 

Black Opportunity Fund (BOF) will be launching a grant and capacity building program for Canadian Black-led, Black-serving, and Black-focused not-for-profits and charities, in partnership with the Black Canadian Fundraisers Collective (BCFC) on March 25, 2024. 

This program is made possible through generous funding support from the TD Ready Commitment and the RBC Foundation. 

The upcoming BOF & BCFC grant and capacity building program will be available to B3s serving nonprofit organizations and charities delivering initiatives in any of BOF priority areas of: education, youth, health, women and gender, criminal justice, entrepreneurship, arts and culture, housing and shelter, and food insecurity. 


About the BOF/BCFC B3 Capacity Development Program

The BOF/BCFC B3 Capacity Building Program, is an 8-month program funded by Black Opportunity Fund (BOF) and delivered by Black Canadian Fundraisers Collective (BCFC), designed to provide Black-focused, Black-led, Black-serving not-for-profits, with flexible funding and capacity development support that positions them to collaborate, lead and deliver community-determined solutions that effectively address identified community priorities and needs. 

This pilot initiative is made possible through funding commitments from the TD Ready Commitment and the RBC Foundation. Black Opportunity Fund (BOF) is pleased to be partnering with BCFC and delivery partners Imagine Canada, Management Advisory Services (MAS) and the International Coaching Federation, Vancouver Chapter. 

This BOF/BCFC grant and Capacity Building Program is national in scope, involving the selection of twenty-five B3 organizations from across Canada, delivering initiatives in one or more of BOF priority areas, however, program funding has been secured from philanthropic organizations – United Way Halifax, and The Toronto Foundation, to prioritize the participation of fifteen B3 organizations selected specifically from three communities (Halifax Regional Municipality and East Hants; the Greater Toronto Area; and Windsor- Essex County) in the pilot.

All organizations selected will receive $20,000 in funding to allocate according to their charitable purposes, operational and program needs. In addition to this funding, organizations selected to participate in the pilot will receive coaching support from certified professional Black coaches and access to mandatory training in key areas of non-profit management. All applicants will have access to specifically curated online resources covering relevant topics critical in building and maintaining healthy, adaptable, and community-responsive organizations.

We require a commitment from applying organizations, that individual leaders selected from the organization to participate in the program, will be allowed the required time to invest and participate in all aspects of the program fully and will include at least one key leader/ decision-maker.

The B3 Organizations must commit to approximately 4.5 hours weekly and a total of 35 hours monthly to complete the mandatory elements of the capacity-building program. The overall program consists of 75 hours of content.


Persons interested in being considered as adjudicators can self-nominate or nominate someone else if the person being nominated has given permission in advance. The overall responsibility of the Adjudication Committee is to:

  1. Review all grant applications presented for consideration in the grant.
  2. Rank all grant applications based on objective criteria and an assessment process established by BOF.
  3. Make recommendations for funding and capacity building 

 As this is a national granting program, BOF encourages applications from individuals from all regions of Canada.

Successful candidates will have a clear understanding of, and alignment with, BOF’s mandate, vision, and mission. 

  • An understanding of anti-Black racism and systemic racism and their effects on Canada’s Black communities.
  • The ability to apply BOF criteria and make recommendations in a fair and unbiased manner.
  • An understanding of the barriers facing Black-led, Black community serving nonprofits and charities due to systemic racism.
  • Bilingualism will be considered an asset.
  • Previous experience reviewing or adjudicating grant applications, or experience working for a Black community-focused nonprofits or charities will be considered an asset.

Black Opportunity Fund is committed to being inclusive of the full spectrum of the Black Canadian experience, so we particularly encourage applications from individuals representing diverse identities such as gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, immigration status, language, and national geographical location.

Adjudication Committee Members will be required to participate in a virtual orientation session in March as well as sign a confidentiality agreement.

The deadline to submit the application is Sunday March 31st, 2024.

Successful applicants should expect to volunteer up to thirty (30) hours before May 31, 2024.