BLCK VC Canada



The Black Opportunity Fund, in partnership with BLCK VC, came together in September to celebrate the launch of BLCK VC Canada! An exciting milestone for Canada’s growing Black venture community and BLCK VC’s first non-US chapter! Kudos to the many partners who came together to make this happen, including BOF’s Executive Director, Craig Wellington who was a panelist at the event. The establishment of BLCK VC Canada formalizes a community that has been flourishing for several years and will continue to serve as a central hub for even more Black-led and Black-focused venture funds, accelerators, players, founders, and more.

Visit the link to learn more https://www.blckvc.org/

Featured Panelists and attendees

  • Frederik Groce, Co-Founder, BLCK VC and Deal Lead, Wellington Management
  • Isaac Olowolafe, Managing Partner, BKR Capital
  • Kim Furlong, CEO of CVCA
  • Sunil Sharma, Managing Partner, techstarts Toronto Accelerator
  • Upkar Arora, CEO of Rally Assets
  • Craig Wellington, Executive Director of the Black Opportunity Fund
  • Abdullah Snobar, CEO of DMZ Ventures
  • Wils Theagene, Head of CDPQ’s $250M Diverse Founders Fund

BLCK VC Canada Co-Founders

  • Ahmed Ismail, Wellington Management
  • Josh Olowafe, CIBC Innovation Banking
  • Abdel Ali, Founder of Kiwi Charge (EV Charging Start-up)
  • Derrick Raphael, Co-Founder and CEO of ICON Talent Partners