Black Opportunity Fund – Year 3 Highlights video

We invite you to view our BOF Year 3 Highlights Video

Three years ago, BOF was born out of a collective vision of dismantling longstanding systemic inequities in access to capital. Since then, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones and catalyzed positive ripples of change.

BOF has created a disruptive new Black-community-led philanthropic approach, that supports social, cultural, and economic empowerment of Black communities across Canada. BOF prioritizes initiatives around education & youth, healthcare, women+ gender, criminal justice, entrepreneurship, arts & culture, and affordable housing.

We recognize that a systemic problem cannot have a single answer. So BOF is part of an ecosystem that, together, is committed to interrupting systemic racism. As we celebrate this milestone, we’re not just looking back at our accomplishments, but forward to the future we’re shaping together.

To learn more about BOF’s accomplishments and the work ahead: