BOF Arts & Culture, and Criminal Justice Grant

TD Ready Commitment

Black Opportunity Fund (BOF) aims to help dismantle the impacts of systemic anti-Black racism by allocating resources to community organizations which undertake initiatives that impact the quality of life in Canada’s Black communities. 

In 2023, we are launching a grant program through funding from the TD Ready Commitment.  

The focus areas for this Grants program will be Black-led, Black-serving and Black focused not-for-profits and charities (B3s) leading impactful initiatives in the areas of Arts and Culture, and Criminal Justice across Canada.


BOF Arts & Culture, and Criminal Justice Grant Program



Applications accepted: April 3, 2023 (12:00 am) EDT

Application closes: May 12, 2023 (11:59 pm) EDT

Decisions announced: First week of July 2023

Award amounts: 

              Tier 1: Multi-year catalyst grants for impact – 2 x $100,000

              Tier 2: Single year grants – $25,000 each

              Tier 3: Single year grants – $15,000 each

Connection to grant objectives/criteria

Below are some examples of priority focus issues in the areas of arts and culture, and criminal justice:

Arts & Culture: 

  • Systems change: collaboration initiatives that leads to system-wide changes for sustainability
  • Capacity Building: initiatives that build governance, operations capacity, to increase impact
  • Mental Health and Well-being  

Criminal Justice:  

  • Reintegration programs: programs or services that help individuals re-enter into society
  • Prevention & supports: programs or services that reduce risk of incarceration 
  • Mental Health and Well-being 

Eligibility criteria 

  • Must be a *Black-led, Black-focused and **Black-serving organization; 
  • Must be a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization or charity; 
  • Must have an existing project in the areas of arts & culture or criminal justice, which meets the grant program criteria, or a proposed project for which funding has already been secured; 
  • Must have an online web presence (i.e. website, social media, etc); 
  • Must be able to show up-to-date financial records (i.e., audited financial statements or unaudited financial statements within the past two years, coupled with a tax return & bank statements are acceptable);  
  • Organizations requesting $50,000 are required to submit audited financial statements for the past 3 fiscal years that have been audited by a licensed public accountant;
  • Must be able to provide a project budget for the initiative for which funding is being sought; 
  • Cannot have any outstanding tax debt – or should have an up-to-date payment plan (demonstrating at least two (2) months of on time payment of outstanding tax debt); 
  • Organization cannot have declared bankruptcy 


At least two thirds of the leadership (e.g. board of directors, executive, management team) must self-identify as Black 


Significant portion of program activities prioritize serving Black communities of Canada 

Black Opportunity Fund recognizes and is committed to reduce the power imbalances inherent to funder/fundee relationships and to use an anti-oppression and intersectional lens. We use trust-based participatory decision-making processes so the communities who are most impacted by our work have a say in how we carry out our mandate. 

Please direct program related questions to: BOFGrants@blackopportunityfund.org

Before proceeding with your application, please review this applicant guide to using the SurveyMonkey Apply Platform.

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