The Black Opportunity Fund


Black Opportunity Fund (BOF) welcomes the support of our community of partners, sponsors, volunteers, and collaborators to achieve its mission. We aim to catalyze the growth of Black-led enterprises and to sustainably improve the quality of life for Black communities across Canada in a variety of areas.

Join the list of official BOF supporters in the following ways:

Utilize your time and skill sets to increase capacity and efficiency on the following committees:

  • Governance & Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Corporate Engagement
  • Philanthropy
  • Government Engagement
  • Supporter Engagement

If your skills expand beyond the scope of the listed areas, we would be gratified to hear how you can lend them to any of our capacity building efforts.

Please click the link provided and one of our BOF supporters will connect with you. They are eager to engage with and onboard you.

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  • Your financial support of BOF will fund our daily operations and allow us to execute our mandate and achieve our critical mission.

  • Financial supporters of BOF are required to commit to a one-time, non-tax deductible contribution.

  • Interested in becoming a Financial Supporter? Please click the link provided and one of our BOF supporters will connect with you.

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Supporters benefit from BOF’s network

  • Take advantage of exclusive Supporter events to network within the Black community across Canada.

  • Pursue targeted opportunities and gain exposure to our partners in corporate Canada.

  • Gain visibility for your business, your community organization, or your not-for-profit.

BOF is committed to transparency

  • As a Supporter you will get a behind-the-scenes look at BOF via regular Supporter videoconferences, steering committee reports and opportunities to make your voice heard!